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Holobunnies is a side-scrolling adventure game that happens across every corner of the universe. You play as one of the Holobunnies, Danielle the witch, Leenox the hunter, Roméo the bard, Mephisto the ninja and Avril the catcher which are hologram brothers and sisters, living together aboard their very own starship. Explore planets, fight with vile and weird creatures, meet with special and peculiar people, collect treasures and collectibles and ultimately; find a new home for you and your hologram buddies. Share the fun of exploration and fighting with a friend (or foe?) in coop mode.


Leenox, Molesto, Danielle and Roméo, four brothers and sisters, are peacefully living on their island with their lovely, giant rabbit-like creatures: the machetes.

One night, as they're innocently sleeping, something strange caught their eyes...

Literally, they were now eyeless!

One of the siblings will have to venture to the only place someone or something this malicious could be;


10 Seconds Doctor

Game made for Ludum Dare #27, where the theme was 10 seconds!

You must first diagnose your patient, and then treat him! The twist: you have 10 seconds to do so!