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PAX Postmortem, and Machete Brawl!

by: nospoone, 2014-04-14 12:06:46

We've been super busy doing super great mega awesome things, such as Machete Brawl. We officially unveiled it not too long ago right here on Nintendo Everything (props to Brian for bearing with us!) It's our new project, a local-multiplayer brawler that will be out in 2014. We're collaborating with Sleepy Sheepy on this one and it's super-mega-cool!

We've also been to PAX East where we met a good bunch of great people such as Rami from Vlambeer, Tommy Refenes from Team Meat, Willy Chyr, and many more. We saw Zoe Quinn IRL and attended a panel with the staff of Extra Credits on it. We gave many copies of Machete to a lot of different of people. We really do hope they will enjoy!

Stay tuned for more <3

Are we february 26th yet?

by: moshiz, 2014-02-03 13:12:32

Hello peeps

It's time for a little update about what q-bit is doing!

  1. URBANIA's André Péloquin talked about us in his last article on the website, you can read it there (French only)

  2. Machete is releasing SOON! in 23 DAYS (february 26th) :D You can download the demo and pre-order it right here!

  3. Maybe we started the developement of our next game involving fighting creatures, maybe we didn't.

we love you long time,



by: nospoone, 2014-01-08 21:48:54

Just a quick post to tell you guys that the official demo for Machete is out! Grab it here! Also, please note that you must press the action button in the main menu - V, Numpad 5, or the A button on a 360 controller. Refer to this post, or the screen right after for the controls!

Silly us for forgetting the other keys! Sorry!

We really hope you will enjoy it! Let us know on twitter or facebook!


by: nospoone, 2013-12-21 12:43:19

Today we're super proud to reveal a new (non-playable) chracter to you!


Servus is a peculiar character, giving very cryptic advice. Is he a sage? Is he trying to lead you to a painful death? It is only by trying that you will discover!

Announcements! Giveaways! Reveals! Fun!

by: nospoone, 2013-12-09 21:39:42

Good news everyone!

We're super excited with what we have to announce today! Here we go!

We're going to be streaming our faces playing games, giving away things, and revealing elements from the game on Twitch for the next couple weeks! Come join and chat with us (in English or French, we're fluent in both) from 9PM to 12PM EST every Friday, starting on the 13th! (spooky!)

Every now and then until the release of Machete, we're going to be unveiling elements of the game! Starting now!


Meet Leenox, Danielle, Romeo and Molesto, the protagonists of the game. You must choose one to fulfill the task of bringing the eyes back to the Machetes!

Stay tuned on Twitter, Facebook and on the Twitch channel for giveaways! It could be a copy of the game, stickers, digital soundtrack, or other things!